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Purchasing a home for the first time is an exciting point in anyone’s life. At First International Title we will assist you and your realtor and mortgage lender to create a smooth home buying experience. At First International Title, we feel all questions are valid and meaningful. Don’t hesitate contacting one of our local branch offices to walk you from the contract to receiving your first keys.


What is title insurance and why do I need it?
A title insurance policy protects the policy holder from disputes over ownership. By obtaining a title insurance Owner’s Policy you are protected against loss or title threats unbeknownst when the property is conveyed per the terms of the policy.

Why should I buy instead of rent?
Buying a home is an investment in your future. Not only does it provide accommodation, it also instills a sense of pride. By investing in your own property each payment made reduces the principle balance of the mortgage. Over time, you property can be paid off leaving you with a transferable asset.

Should I use a Real Estate agent? How do I find a good one?
Yes, a good real estate professional will assist in presenting properties that meet your specific needs. In addition, they have a proven list of successful lenders, inspectors, and home insurance agents external of your personal research. At First International Title, we work closely with talented real estate professionals daily. If you need assistance in locating the right Real Estate agent, just let us know.

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Federal, state and local governmental agencies have programs to assist people who need help purchasing a home. These programs come in the form of down payment assistance, lower interest rates, and helping with closing cost. If you are looking for assistance in obtaining your home, you may qualify under different forms of grants. First International Title is well versed in closing grant assisted governmental loans.


Division of Housing & Community Development

Community Assisted Localized Program

Community Assisted Localized Program First Time Homebuyers

Florida Housing Finance Authority

Funds Available


Selling a home or other real estate can be a rewarding experience. By selecting First International Title to conduct the closing you are ensuring a smooth process. Our team of experienced closers have successfully closed transactions throughout the entire State of Florida. As a seller, you can control the process by purchasing the title insurance policy and providing it to the buyer for added protection.

In addition, if you are purchasing a property in conjunction with selling another, we can assist in a smooth transition. We can hold escrow deposits, wire funds, electronically record courthouse records, and conduct back-to-back closings. We take the process from contract to closing, keeping you informed you the entire way.


  • Do you have a prior title insurance policy?
  • Provide mortgage information currently on the property (loan numbers, etc.)
  • What is your marital status? All parties may be required to sign.
  • Is this a mail-away closing?
  • Are you providing additional insurance? (ie. homebuyer protection program)
  • Was this a foreign investment property?
  • Do you have a HOA and the contact information?
  • Do you have a Power of Attorney?
  • Do you have any outstanding judgments?
  • Do you have an IRS lien?