Another summer has come and gone. After a couple of long months with the Florida sun beating down, the cool relief of autumn is finally on its way. The season of fall is a favorite to many for a variety of reasons: some prefer the cooler weather, it’s a start to the holiday season, and it’s simply a beautiful time of year. Not only does this give you an excuse to redecorate your house, there are so many possibilities! Here are our fall decorating tips for 2018.

Line Your Steps
While wreaths are always a beautiful addition to any home, try spicing it up even more with some layered pumpkins and flowers, especially if you have steps leading up to the front door.

You can have multi-colored pumpkins, or paint your house number or the initial of your last name on some of them.

Pumpkins on Pumpkins
You only get a short period of time every year to showcase how much you love fall time. Pumpkins are the perfect, multi-functional decoration for almost any house. Cut out the middle and use as a vase for your dining room table.

You could also find some pumpkin votives to add around the vase or on the fireplace mantle to tie in the theme. And finally, an easy way to dress up your pumpkin decorating is to stack a couple and place under glass.

Pick Some Leaves
What’s better than fall home décor? FREE fall home décor! If the trees on your property or in the local park are blooming with some beautiful autumn foliage, pick off a small branch for yourself, put it in a vase, and use to decorate your dining room table or bathrooms.

Harvest Season
Take advantage of what is known as “Harvest Season” and use whimsical displays of wheat to feature around the house. You can arrange them to stand alone, add to bottle vases, or simply tie up a couple straws and use as place settings for a formal dinner. Magnolia sells two different sizes of wheat bundles here.


Rocking Chairs
Fall season is all about relaxing with family and keeping warm as it starts to cool off outside. Cozy up your front porch or living room with a couple of rocking chairs. Complete the look with a plaid blanket thrown over the top to make it feel even cozier.

Create Your Own Topiary
A DIY topiary is definitely popular this season and, fortunately, not too difficult to construct yourself. These look great on front porches and, if you chose to use faux pumpkins, are easy to save and use year after year. DIY Network shows you how to make one here.

Firewood Nothing makes a room more comfy than a warm fire, and easy way to evoke that feeling is to display small stacks of fire wood. You can do this on the porch, in the entryway, or in the living or dining room.

You can pile them inside a metal or wire basket. You can also play with the different types of wood. Although traditional fire wood is beautiful, white birch is also a gorgeous option and may even work better with the color or layout of your house.

Pile Up the Blankets
What is more dreamy than putting on your relaxation clothes, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, and hiding under a pile of warm blankets? Probably nothing. In that case, you’ll need to have blankets handy in every corner of the house.

Plus, it doubles as the perfect decoration for fall time. Plaid, red, orange, brown and other neutrals are all fantastic autumn colors. Happy decorating!


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